the boy who wears red shoes

wonderful new opportunities have recently sprung into my life. in less than two weeks i will be flying to new york city to spend a few days with my sister-in-law. while i am there i will have the privilege to photograph REVO NY. i was just blessed to have the chance to go, but now i even get to be a part of it! i am also going to submit a few photographs of my recent series, the boy who wears red shoes
this is a series about michael, the child i assist. he is a true blessing in my life. he brings my heart so much joy each day. i have been blessed to know him, watch him grow academically and socially, and watch how his life touches others. he is the friendliest child you will ever meet. you can't help but fall in love with him the second he smiles and begins to speak. the greatest blessing i get to see is how the children react to him. his best friends adores him and gently takes him by the hand an guides him throughout his days. the children at our school choose to love and accept michael. and it is beautiful to watch. as i have said before, michael truly is a joy to this world. 

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