lil bailey


another snow day for me!



happy birthday nathan dinner



sophia is obsessed. in a really bad... not wanting to go outside and eat treats kind of obsessed...



the new addition. sophia is a little more interested in her than i would like....



a special birthday dinner for nathan a day late. happy birthday!



i had the pleasure of going to michael's birthday party. i was greeted with many hugs from his little sister and other children at our school. and then i saw michael. and his face lit up and looked a bit surprised. he grabbed me by the hand and led me to his other guest down stairs. there were little boys running around jumping all over the room and funiture. it was chaos. but little michael just smiled and joined in.

he was having a high school musical party. during the first 2 minutes of the movie the children sat quietly, and then, like it was rehersed, they all jumped up at once and began dancing.

it was great. michael's mom would come down stairs every once in a while and just smile. i realized that she didn't care if the children were being crazy, she was just happy that michael was happy and enjoying the company of his friends. michael has been extremly blessed by children who accept him and love him just the way his is.

joy. you really can just see it all over his face. out of all the parties i have been to in my life, this is one i will always remember. he just makes my heart burst with joy.


joy to the world

in addition to being a photographer, i am also blessed beyond words to be an educational assistant to a wonderful child. today was his birthday. i think i may have been almost as excited as he was about his special day. he rushed into school with a huge grin and was greeted by many birthday wishes. he is a superstar at our school. he proudly put on his birthday crown and was ready for the day ahead. 

in music class when a child has a birthday they get to have their special birthday time. they get sung to, get pretend spankings or hugs, and get to sing a song of their choice. michael chose to get pretend spankings and hugs. it was hilarious! he was so funny and dramatic and played along pretending they hurt. and then came his big moment to sing. he chose to sing joy to the world. 

during our christmas pageant this was the song that finally made him get up on stage. he was being a bit timid, but this song was his moment to shine. he loves to sing it anytime and anywhere. he stood up proudly in front of the group and sang with all his might. as i was taking pictures i noticed a parent tearing up and a teacher standing in awe of this wonderful child. this child truly is a joy to this world. everyday i feel so incredibly blessed to work with him. he isn't just the child i assist, he is my friend. he is wonderful. 


summer wedding

last summer i had an opportunity to photograph a wedding for a couple, lindsay and chris. it was a beautiful wedding. i was so thankful to be a part of their special day.

this june i will have the honor of photographing my friend, allison's wedding. she is a wonderfully unique and lovely girl. i cannot wait to see her get married and have the added benefit of being a part of it! 

i feel so blessed that i have been given the opportunity to capture beauty in the special moments life has to offer. 




when i look through that little view finder on my camera my mind and heart start racing and i can see the beauty in every day objects. simply put, photography is my passion.

i want to use this to fill you in on my business and life in the form of a few words and photographs. maybe even one a day. i guess you will just have to check back and see.