Portrait time with Sarah

Today, my wonderful willing model Sarah, and I set forth into Nashville to take some portraits. It was fun. My biggest highlight was going on one of those pedestrian bridges across the interstate! I have always wanted to go on one... and finally found on near me. Check out the full quality images here


The Parthenon

I love centennial park. I have since I was a child when my dad would take me to play. As a photographer, I love the lines of the Parthenon. I have wanted to take some pictures of it at night for a while now. Tonight, thanks to my awesome husband, I was able to go and do just that. 

Unfortunately, blogger only allows a small file size for uploading. So, you can see more [here]. 


please vote for my photograph!

one of my goals for my photography, is to have a photograph published. one of the ways i have tried is through jpg magazine. through a voting system and different themes each month they choose different photographers pictures. it is a great way to get your name out and have something published. 

each month i check the theme and see if i have any pictures that fit it. i have entered a few pictures before and so far have had no luck. but, i am convinced one day i will. i entered a photograph tonight, and would ask you to vote for it. it would mean so much to me! 

vote HERE  

thank you sooooo much!

A Willing Model

Now that I am finished with the phone photography [at least for now], I decided to have a little fun with all my new lighting materials. I was testing all this out with myself, but I guess it looked like so much fun, that Sophia decided to join. 
She came and laid down [without me asking], and sat there waiting for me to take her picture.
isn't she the cutest?!
THIS face! I love it! 

So, there you have it, Sophia's Portraits! [ And there are more ]


A Little Product Photography, Preview

I am half way done. I have photographed 20 of the 43 phones. This is proving to be more tedious than I had first thought, but it definitely gets easier as I go along. 

Back to work I go!


A Little Product Photography, Take One

i mentioned before that i was going to be doing product photography for a used cell phone company, phones for cell. i received all the cell phones yesterday. the photographs of the phones will go to their online store. 

today, i set up my light tent and lights and am ready to begin. of course i had to have a little bit of fun in the process. 

also, a word of warning when opening a pop up device, such as a tent: point very far away from your face. they can pop up much faster than you may think and give you a not so gentle warning on your face. 

after i finish, i will post a couple shots... cell phones aren't that interesting to look at after all. :-)


Camera Upgrade Bliss

I just upgraded my Canon Rebel XTi for a Canon Rebel XSi. I am thrilled! I cannot wait for it to arrive. It is quite a nice upgrade from 8 megapixles to 12 megapixels. It will also be fabulous to have an extra camera as a back up or for an assistant to use. Hopefully, I will be able to purchase a super wide angle lens and perhaps a simple zoom lens. I love new camera equipment! It just makes me all warm and fuzzy in the inside :-)